Supply List

        Ivalee School

Sixth Grade

-1  One and a half inch heavy duty binder  
-1  plastic 3 prong Green folder  
-3  composition notebooks (100 page)   
-a pack plastic Tab Dividers (set of 5)
-2  packs of wide notebook paper  
-2  packs Ticonderoga Pencils
( NO decorative or mechanical pencils)
-2  packs pencil top erasers   
-colored pencils  
-1 bottle glue   
-pencil bag   
-1  personal sharpener  
-1 pack gallon size ziploc bags  
-3 boxes of Kleenex   
-3 rolls of paper towels
$10 Donation

*Items needed for enrichment classes, strings, and other specific courses will be determined after student schedules are set in August.