Classroom Rules and Procedures
Classroom Rules: 

dancing panda1. I will follow directions

dancing panda2. I will use a quiet voice

dancing panda3. I will use walking feet

dancing panda4. I will make safe spaces

dancing panda5. I will use soft touches

dancing panda6. I will use helpful words


dancing panda7. I will use self control

boy doing workpandas

Our Schedule (tentative)

Breakfast 7:15 - 7:45 in the classroom
Reading Block
Math Block
Lunch 10:50 - 11:15 in the classroom
Science/Social Studies/Chrome Books
Snack 1:00
P.E. 1:35 - 2:10
 Restroom Times 
7:55 A.M.
9:10 A.M.
10:35 A.M.
12:50 P.M.
1:20 P.M.

This is an abbreviated schedule with no set times for subjects. We will narrow that down as time progresses.                         

**We work until the end of the day, so please keep that in mind when checking your child out.


We will be learning a new way to do many things this year. Please be patient with your teacher and your child as we work our way through this. 

*Students are learning new routines for handling technology in the classroom.
*Students are learning to handle and work through emotions and behaviors that may hinder their classroom learning. 
*Students are learning to be responsible for school materials and keeping them in good working order.
*Students are learning to be responsible for keeping their small materials in their pencil box when not in use. 
*Students are learning to be responsible for studying new concepts every night.
*Students are learning to be responsible for keeping themselves clean, distancing when necessary, and dressing appropriately for the classroom all through the year. 
*Students are learning to be responsible for making good decisions.
Parents should encourage these responsibilities at home to help your child. If we work together to teach your child these skills, school will be much more enjoyable for all. 

We will have a place for water bottles so that students are not sipping all day. We take lots of restroom breaks since our students are little. Continuous sipping leads to extra restroom time.