Welcome to Mrs. Hindman's Second Grade Class!

 I am excited for you to be in my class! Our class family will be special with you there. I can't wait to see you and get to know you through the year. We will be learning so much to extend your reading and math abilities. We will also be learning some new technology skills as we learn to use Chromebooks. Can't wait to see you in class!
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Week At A Glance       Second Grade

May 10-14, 2021

Unit 4 Week 5

Math: Metric Measurement

Math Lesson 9.1 - 9.6

***Mid-Chapter test on Wednesday

Spelling Sounds

c, o, Short a, d, g

m, l, h, t, Short i

j, k, p, ch, Short u

b, Short o, r, Short e

s, sh, th (voiced), w

wh, Y, th(unvoiced), qu

ff, ll, ss, zz, br, cr, dr,

fr, gr, pr, tr, the, shr, 

str, scr, spr, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, spl, dw, tw, sw, sm, sn, st, sp, sc, sk, squ, st, ft, nt,-lt, -pt, -ct, -xt, -lf, -lp, -lk, -ld, - nd, -mp, -sk, -sp, -nch, -ing, ang, ong, ung, ink, ink, onk, unk, -ed ending, magic e, ph, ck, ee, ea, ai, ay, oa, oe, /k/ endings, er, ir, ur, or, ou, ow, igh, ble, fle, tle, dle, gle, kle, ple, zle

Red Words:

is, they, my, of, and, from, does, said, about, call, among, eye, live, often, only, again, who, most, friend, want, people, some, would, now, good, here, come, where, have, down, know, cause, busy, been, give, answer, shoe, their, were, whole, many, every, once, two, gone, are, article, through, bury, build, door, simile, towards, enough 

New this week: Sounds -y, -vy, -by, -dy, -ty, -ry, -ny, -py, -sy, -my; Red words - NO NEW RED WORDS THIS WEEK


The red words will also be a part of the spelling test. 

Comprehension Skill: theme

Writing: word choice

Mechanics: apostrophes with contractions

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

Vocabulary Strategy: similes Structural Analysis: r-controlled syllables (er, ir, or, ur, ar)


Contractions with: not, is, had, would, have

Science: Mystery Doug!


pale - light in color

excite - to stir up

outdoors - not inside

drops - small amounts of liquid

alliteration - repeating the same sounds at the beginning of words

free verse - poem in which words do not need to rhyme

repetition - repeating words or phrases in a poem

simile - compares two things with words like or as

Social Studies: Liberty’s Legacy; Studies Weekly 

Spelling Word List

crusty, handy, chunky, story, fairy, badly, nearly, funny, hobby, daddy,  

Also study all red words! There will be 5 red words tested.

Important Reminders: 

READ the passage 3 times and sign 

Practice making and writing words that use the sounds we have studied.

Spelling, Grammar, Writing, and Reading Tests Friday, May 14

Read every night! It is the last nine weeks! We need 9 AR points per nine weeks!

AR: Read 30 min. every day!! 

AR Goal 9 points

Encourage your child to tell you what happened in the book they have read.