Welcome to Mrs. Golden's Second

Grade Class!

I am very excited to have you in my class this year! I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you throughout the year. We will be learning lots of new things in reading and math, as well as, some new technology skills. See you soon!


Week At A Glance       Second Grade

Apr. 19-23, 2021

Unit 4 Week 2

Math: Money and Time

Math Lesson 7.11 - 8.2  Time and Money test will be Thursday!

Spelling Sounds

c, o, Short a, d, g

m, l, h, t, Short i

j, k, p, ch, Short u

b, Short o, r, Short e

s, sh, th (voiced), w

wh, Y, th(unvoiced), qu

ff, ll, ss, zz, br, cr, dr,

fr, gr, pr, tr, the, shr, 

str, scr, spr, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, spl, dw, tw, sw, sm, sn, st, sp, sc, sk, squ, st, ft, nt,-lt, -pt, -ct, -xt, -lf, -lp, -lk, -ld, - nd, -mp, -sk, -sp, -nch, -ing, ang, ong, ung, ink, ink, onk, unk, -ed ending, magic e, ph, ck, ee, ea, ai, ay, oa, oe, /k/ endings

Red Words:

is, they, my, of, and, from, does, said, about, call, among, eye, live, often, only, again, who, most, friend, want, people, some, would, now, good, here, come, where, have, down, know, cause, busy, been, give, answer, shoe, their, were, whole, many, every, once, two, gone, are, article, through 

New this week: Sounds - Bossy R er, ir, ur, or; Red words - bury, build 


The red words will also be a part of the spelling test. 

Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast

Writing: word choice

Mechanics: quotation marks in speech

Comprehension Strategy: Reread

Vocabulary Strategy: context clues Structural Analysis: inflectional endings -s, -es, -ed, -ing


Helping verbs - have, has, had, is, are, am, was, were

Science: Mystery Doug!


active - lively, busy

Earth - the planet on which we live; ground or land

explode - to blow up

island - land surrounded by water

local- in a certain place or neighborhood

properties - qualities of something

solid - firm and hard

steep - having a very sharp slope

Social Studies: Liberty’s Legacy; Studies Weekly 

Spelling Word List

clerk, herd, first, skirt, stir, churn, hurt, burst, work, worse 

Also study all red words! There will be 5 red words tested.

Important Reminders: 

READ the passage 3 times and sign 

Practice making and writing words that use the sounds we have studied.

Spelling, Grammar, Writing, and Reading Tests Friday, April 23

Read every night! It is the last nine weeks! We need 9 AR points per nine weeks!

AR: Read 30 min. every day!! 

AR Goal 9 points

Encourage your child to tell you what happened in the book they have read.