Welcome to Mrs. Golden's Second

Grade Class!

I am very excited to have you in my class this year! I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you throughout the year. We will be learning lots of new things in reading and math, as well as, some new technology skills. See you soon!


Week At A Glance       Second Grade

Jan. 25-29, 2021

Unit 2 Week 3

Math: Subtraction

Math Lesson 5.3 - 5.5

Please practice counting back by tens

Spelling Sounds

c, o, Short a, d, g

m, l, h, t, Short i

j, k, p, ch, Short u

b, Short o, r, Short e

s, sh, th (voiced), w

wh, Y, th(unvoiced), qu

ff, ll, ss, zz, br, cr, dr,

fr, gr, pr, tr, the, shr, 

str, scr, spr, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, spl, dw, tw, sw, sm, sn, st, sp, sc, sk, squ, st, ft, nt

Red Words:

is, they, my, of, and, from, does, said, about, call, among, eye, live, often, only, again, who, most, friend, want, people, some, would, now, good

New this week: Sounds -lt. -pt, -ct, -xt, -lf, -lp, -lk, ld  Red words - here, come


Spelling words will come from words made with these sounds. They should know how to sound the word, spell the word, and form the letters correctly. The red words will also be a part of the spelling test. 

***For examples of spelling words, make words that have the short vowel sounds. Example: tw is one of the blends we are learning, so the word twig uses that blend.

Comprehension Skill: main topic and key details

Writing: organization

Mechanics: Capitalization and punctuation

Comprehension Strategy: make predictions

Vocabulary Strategy: suffixes -ly and -ful; review re-, un-, dis-


Quotation marks in speaking.

Science: Mystery Doug!


buried - covered up or hidden

escape - to get away

habitat - the place where an animal lives

journey - a long trip

nature - the part of the world not made by people

peeks - looks quickly

restless - always wanting to move

spies - catches sight of

Social Studies: Liberty’s Legacy; Studies Weekly - History and Time

Important Reminders: 

Practice making and writing words that use the sounds we have studied.

Spelling, Grammar, and Reading Tests Friday, Jan. 29

Read every night! We need 9 AR points per nine weeks!

AR: Read 30 min. every day!! 

My Goal: 9         Pts. Now: