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Unit 1 Week 5 Homework

Test Friday!

Spelling Words:

spill    spin    grab    grass    drop    drip    hop    lot   two    move

High Frequency Words: (You need to be able to read these)

jump    move   run   two

Practice Reading:

Fran and Scott see a big frog.         I can jump on the trap.

Stan spills his glass in the grass.      I can swim, skip, and spin. 

Brad’s frog swims and hops.             Can you move this big box?

Gram claps at Fran’s tricks.      Brad’s two black cats like to run. 



frog     stick     swim    brick     grab     skin     rag    drag    sack  

block    slap       slip      trap      grin      snack   spin   brag    trot

stack   crab      crib     clip       flag       plop     stop  skip     drip

skill     brass     Fran’s  cat’s    kid’s      dog’s    man’s    Tim’s  

Math: We are still adding and practicing our doubles. We will be adding three numbers this week!

4+6+1=___ 3+5+2=___ 8+1+4=___ 2+7+2=___    

9+4+1=___ 5+5+3=___ 7+7+2=___ 8+8+1=___