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 Unit 1 Week 2 Homework
Test Friday!

Spelling Words:
pin     win     hit    sit     miss     kiss     nap     can     out     up

High Frequency Words: (You need to be able to read these)
Down       out        up       very

Practice Reading:
He has six big pigs.                           I will fix the van.
Is Jill quick?                                     I am very sad.
Did Tim miss the pass?                     I sat down on the mat.
Jack and Jill will go up a hill.             Can we go out to play?

it sit six big dig dip is his
in win lip hit pin miss kiss sick
pick pan did dad at man cat fan
back bag fit fin bit kids hill lick
quit quick jam pass jazz mitt digs tag

Math: We are adding numbers to 20. You can use objects to help you count. We are also learning doubles (3+3, 4+4)

6+6=___ 8+3=___ 5+5=___ 9+4=___    8+8=___

6+4=___ 7+5=___ 7+7=___ 5+4=___    9+9=___