Reading Wonders
We are using the Wonders by Mcgraw Hill reading program. This program is designed to teach the Common Core standards. This can be located on ALEX (The Alabama learning Exchange under resources). We will be learning new skills each week that we will practice using in class and apply to a new passage on the reading assessment.  Your child has a user name and password located on their folder. This password will allow your child to access ConnectEd. There you will find many activities and access to the stories we are reading in class each week. The students will participate in small group daily. I use this time to review skills and meet your child's individual needs. This is also a great time for literature circles and group discussions. 

Assessments: We will test on the skills taught during the week at the end of each lesson. Students will be given one new passage with 15 questions that cover the weeks skills. (100pts.)

Our language arts lessons will be incorporated into the reading program. We do a lot of writing each week.  I will expect the students to use the grammar skills taught in class in their writing. Students will learn to proofread their personal work and those of their classmates. 

Assessments: The grammar test will contain sentences for the students to copy correctly with a capital letter and correct end mark. They will also locate the skill of the week within the sentence. This assessment will include a section with a writing topic. 

Click for Website:  ConnectED   (Login using the password sheet in your take home folder)

Accelerated Reader:
AR will not be for a grade. I will make you aware when your child begins taking AR tests.  Students will read and test in order to meet classroom goals.