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  Week at a Glance      5th Grade 

January 11-15, 2021

Unit 4 Week 2

Vocabulary Words


Reading Essential Question: What can you discover when you give things a second look? Talk with your child about some possible answers to this question.

Genre: Drama (Mystery Play) *centers on a mystery, or problem. *A play is made up mostly of drama and can include a narrator. * A play can be divided into Acts and Scenes. 

Comprehension Skill: point of view refers to the way a story is being told.If the narrator is a character in the story and participates in the events being described, he or she tells the story from a first person point of view. If the narrator is not a character in the story and does not participate in the events being described, he or she tells the story from a third-person point of view.

Vocabulary: Adages and Proverbs - An adage is an old saying that describes a common experience or truth. A proverb is a brief popular saying that expresses a wise thought. Use context clues to help determine the meaning of adages and proverbs.

Comprehension Strategy: visualize a story, or form pictures in their minds of the characters, setting, and events in a fictional work.Using both the description and your prior knowledge, close your eyes and try to form a picture of what the author is describing.

Writing Trait: Develop Characters: writers make characters come to life through vivid description and realistic dialogue. Writers develop characters by describing how they look, act, think, and respond to situations.

Social Studies: Week 10

*Benjamin Franklin and the Middle Colonies

*TEST on Friday

Grammar: Kinds of Pronouns: subject, object, relative, and reflexive pronouns.

TEST on Thursday- spelling, vocab, and grammar

Science: Chapter 3 Growth and survival- Review Lesson 1 and 2

Math: Chapter 4 Dividing Decimals  

Important Reminders: 

No School on Monday January 18, 2021. Martin Luther King Day.

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