Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy



Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Etowah County Schools

August 2015

In an effort to expand our students’ 21st Century learning opportunities, Etowah County Schools is implementing an initiative that allows students to bring their own digital devices on campus for educational purposes. It is imperative that these devices be used appropriately. With that in mind, we have developed this policy to govern the use of devices in our schools.

Devices Allowed

Laptops, netbooks


e-Readers with internet capabilities

Smartphones (iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry, etc.)

Student Responsibilities

Students will abide by all school/system rules and policies, including the AUP, Internet Safety Policy, and Student Code of Conduct.

 Use of the device will only be allowed when permissible according to the teacher.

 Devices can only be used in the classroom with teacher permission, not in the lunchroom, hallways, or other common areas.

 The use of devices in restrooms or locker rooms is never allowed.

 Devices should never be used to cheat on tests or on assignments.

 Students are not permitted to transmit or post any photographic images or videos of any person on campus on any public and/or social networking sites.

 Students will only be allowed access to websites and resources which are relevant to the curriculum and content in the classroom.

 Students must understand that infecting the network with any virus designed to damage, alter, destroy or limit the network’s effectiveness is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and will result in disciplinary actions. The school/system has the right to confiscate and examine any device that is suspected of causing problems or is the sources of an attack or virus infection.

Network Access

Students will only use the school’s wireless guest network. This network is controlled by the system’s Technology Department and is filtered according to CIPA guidelines.

 At no time will the guest network settings be altered for device specific needs.

 Our guest network, while reliable and stable, will, at times, experience outages. No guarantee will be made that it will always be available. Additionally, signal strength could vary depending on the number of devices connected and the proximity to an access point.

 There will be no access to electrical outlets for charging purposes. Students must bring devices that are fully charged to school.

 Our school system will not be responsible for any loss of data resulting from connecting to the network.

 We provide no troubleshooting assistance or repair for student owned devices. Teachers are not responsible for student connectivity or for helping students who experience trouble connecting to the guest network.

Theft/Damage of Devices

 The schools/system will not be responsible for lost or stolen devices.

 Physical damage or loss of data is not the responsibility of the school or the school system.

 As with any items on school campuses, school officials may inspect any personal device when there is reasonable suspicion that contents are a violation of policies, or of any local, state, or federal laws.

To Parents and students:

Please keep in mind that this initiative is designed as a privilege, not a right. This privilege may be revoked for an individual, group, or entire student body at the discretion of the school administration. Students must use their devices responsibly.

In an effort to track the use of student devices in the BYOD initiative, please provide the following information:

Device Information

Indicate the device the student will be using

_____ iPad _____ Tablet _____ e-Reader

Serial #: ________________ Brand:________ Brand: _________

Serial #: ___________________ Serial #: _______________

_____ laptop _____ netbook

Brand: ___________ Brand: _________

Serial #: _______________ Serial #: ___________________

_____ smartphone

Type: ________________

Serial #: ________________

I understand and agree to abide by these rules and conditions. I further understand that bringing my device is a privilege, not a right, and that this privilege can be revoked for violations of these rules or any other Code of Conduct violation.

_____________________________________ ___________________________________

Student Name Student Signature

_________________________________________ _______________________________________

Parent Name Parent Signature

___________________________ _________________________

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